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testimonials1I first contacted Fred Berger and Berco, Products, Inc in 2004. At that time I was having problems with my current supplier of certain plastic and paperboard items.  I gave Fred samples and specifications of the products I needed and he went to work with his sources. He came back in a short time with pricing and samples from his China factory. The samples looked fine and the pricing was much less than I was paying. Knowing that Fred had been importing from China since the late 80’s I decided to place a container order with him. That container arrived in good order and in a timely fashion. Since then I have been buying 4, sometimes 5 containers a year from Fred. Over the years of doing business with Fred there was a problem with some goods in one container. Fred immediately took responsibility for correcting the problem and things have been fine since then. Fred has proved to be a reliable and trustworthy supplier over the years. I highly recommend him and his services. His contacts and experience of importing for many years takes the guess work out of bringing in products from off shore eliminating possible losses.



testimonials1I began doing business with Fred Berger and Berco Products, Inc. in 2007. Initially I placed a small order with Fred which arrived in good condition. Having some confidence in Fred and knowing some of his background we decided to proceed with the development of additional products. It was good timing because we were undergoing a lot of growth and needed assistance with offshore vendors and someone with a good first hand know how about sourcing, logistics, U.S. Customs regulations etc. Fred has shown a great working knowledge of different plastic and paper materials and the various ways of processing them. He has engineered some new products for us that previously didn’t exist and have done quite well. We have a very good working relationship with Fred and highly recommend him.


Huntington Beach, CA